take charge with bueno
stop the waiting game, get your money now
get your money fast

Deposit funds into your bank faster with BUENO with our InstaTransfer option...after hours, holidays or weekends,
take charge and get your money fast. Transfers to your bank are made as soon as the funds are captured!
A simple click and presto, for every type of business, get your money fast.

  • No monthly or hidden fees
  • Same rates for all cards
  • PCI compliance included
  • Instant deposits option
  • Chargeback protection
  • Payment dispute support

The guessing game is over! Sick of end of month statements with fees for this, that, and the other thing? Bueno takes
the guess work out of calculating your actual transaction fees by simplifying your cost to take charge. Period.

swipe | dip |tap
keyed in charge
get control with the bueno AP - how are you going to market?

Employ the BUENOAP...everything you need to help run your business and get control from printing branded
receipts and coupons to inventory control sales and reporting and back office systems management.

  • Accept debit, credit, gift cards, coupons and, checks
  • Swipe cards offline and batch transactions
  • Print or issue eReceipts
  • Loyalty programs & surveys
  • Invoices and recurring payments
  • Sales period reporting by sales agent
  • Real-time inventory control
take charge with your choice of devices

Bueno offers a multitude of platforms and associated devices based on the scale of your business and what fits
your requirements. One of our associates will show you how to install them and what works best for you.