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There are more than 10 billion devices today in the vast, interconnected network known as the Internet of Things. According to some estimates there will be more than 30 billion objects connected to each other by 2020. Marketers need to understand the importance of looking past devices and delving deeper into the data, pulling the analytics, and gathering insights.


The definition of conversion today differs greatly from 10 or even five years ago. In years past the narrower definition included primarily sales and traffic metrics. Today, a conversion also means to get a current or potential customer to take action on a message or piece of content—whether that’s watching a video, sharing a link, following on social media, signing up for a newsletter, attending an event, or a number of other actions.


Conversation is extremely important; it’s imperative for marketers to have an open dialogue with their customers and potential customers, both online and offline. Responding to customers who provide input—online or offline—is important because doing so can swiftly dissolve customer problems and bolster a brand’s reputation. Companies can even turn those conversations into user-generated campaigns that are rooted in organic dialogue